Install a PERC 4i card in a PowerEdge 1750

Install a PERC 4i card

Did your PERC card die? Is it time to replace the battery in your Dell PowerEdge 1750 server? If so, here’s the lowdown on how to get it done.

Disclaimer: Anyone attempting to perform this hardware installation or swap should have a current FULL BACKUP of all data before performing the steps!!! The author assumes no liability for any loss incurred by following the provided instructions.

So now that the disclaimer is out of the way, let’s get started with how to install a PERC 4i Card.

Shut down and power off the server, then unplug the power cords from the server and open the case.

Obviously to install a PERC 4i card you need to have it handy, so discharge any static electricity from yourself and put on a static discharge bracelet. Open your PERC 4i card and place it within reach of the server.

If you are standing near the front panel of the server with the case fully opened you will see near the rear left a set of 4 white plastic standoffs with clips. They will match up with the holes in the corner of your PERC 4i card.

Gently position the PERC 4i card under the PCI slot edge first, then ensure all standoff posts are aligned to the holes on the PERC 4i card. When they are, press down on the right front and right rear corners with equal pressure until you hear the retainer clips snap to hold the card down. Then press the left side front and rear corners down also with equal pressure.

Next if you have the optional battery backup for the write cache, look towards the front of the server (closest to you) just behind the backplane. There are two sets of the white plastic standoffs, one for a DRAC and then two outside the 4 standoffs for the DRAC. The furthest right and the furthest left standoffs are the ones to use. Please don’t forget to connect the battery to the mainboard. There is a screenprinted label on the mainboard which says “RAID BAT”, the connector is near the rear left corner of a QLogic chip on our mainboard. The connector is keyed so it should only fit on one direction.

After lining up the holes in the battery holder with the white plastic standoffs, press evenly  on both ends of the RAID battery holder (the black plastic half moon shape) to attach it to the motherboard.

After you verify that the battery is connected to the board you are ready to power up your server. Close the case, reconnect your power cable and power on your server.  You should see confirmation during the boot process that the PERC 4i card is installed and the battery backup is working.