Three Reasons Your WiFi Is Dropping

Three reasons your wifi is dropping

Three reasons your wifi is dropping

Three Reasons your WiFi is dropping the connection:

  1. Wireless adapter drivers. This is usually when you just got a new wireless adapter and installed it with the driver CD that came with the wireless adapter. The manufacturer probably updated the driver after that driver disc was printed. Search for the manufacturer website and look up the model number on their site to get the newest driver.
  2. The second reason your WiFi is dropping the connection is that the wireless adapter radio in your computer is failing. This could be due to age or due to a manufacturer defect. You can deduce this by testing with other devices. Do you have a tablet? An Android or iPhone? Does the WiFi drop the connection for those devices at the same time as your computer’s WiFi connection? If not, then you’ve narrowed the problem down to your PC’s wireless card.
  3. The third reason your WiFi is dropping the connection is the possibility that the wireless router radio is failing. If this is true, all your devices that are connected to the wireless network will be dropping the connection at the same time. You can try updating the firmware of your wireless router by once again searching for the manufacturer and model number of the router. A typical search I would use is “download (model) (manufacturer)”. The keywords placed in the beginning of the search term have slightly more weight than the trailing words in the search term. I have not contacted the search engines directly to confirm this, but they would likely not tell a non-employee as it would probably be considered a trade secret.

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