Free Remote Access Tools

Free Remote Access Tools

There are plenty of great paid remote access tools out there, but if you’re in bootstrap mode you want free remote access tools.

free remote access tools

Free Remote Access Tools


In my eyes, there are basically only two real options for free remote access tools. These are time tested and stable solutions to use in your home or in your small business.

  1. Microsoft Remote Desktop Protocol. This is a decent “no frills” remote access tool and it’s installed by default on the professional versions of Windows. It also has been ported to a Mac client (see ) which allows a Mac system to remote in to a Windows PC. This is the more polished and simple of the two free remote access tools I’m bringing up here.
  2. VNC or “Virtual Network Computing”. This is a flexible tool that’s platform independent (you can use it on windows, mac or linux). It’s the more configurable of the two free remote access tools but it’s also not as user friendly. You can chat, transfer files, encrypt the connection between the computers, it works with NAT (routing stuff on your home router), its a very small program so it doesn’t use much memory and you can also configure different users on the host computer. I recommend UltraVNC

You’re completely welcome to get help setting up these types of software tools. Contact us for network support and we can help you get the right ports forwarded on your router so you can take advantage of these free solutions.

There’s one more of the free remote access tools that’s worthy of an honorable mention…

Chrome Remote Desktop. It’s new, and honestly I haven’t had time to try it out yet… but it definitely looks interesting. Have you already tested it? If so please comment on how you liked or disliked it. Thanks!