Cisco SG200-50 Network Switch Review

We’ve installed this Cisco SG200-50 switch at a few customer sites now and have been really pleased with it. The throughput is great, the management features are top notch and most importantly it just WORKS. The earliest install we did was in about April of 2017 and there have been ZERO problems. These switches support SO many features… including:

  • Cisco Discovery Protocol (CDP)
  • Apple’s Bonjour Protocol
  • Port Mirroring (for monitoring network traffic to troubleshoot or for security devices)
  • Cable Diagnostics
  • Management via HTTP, SSH, Telnet and Console cable
  • Port Management (bind ports to only work for specific devices or shut off ports that are not in use for security purposes)
  • Storm Control (google “broadcast storm” and you can see how icky those are if not prevented)
  • Link Aggregation (connect TWO network cards from your server or other device to increase speed and reliability in case one dies)
  • VLAN (separate multiple devices for security without needing more than one switch i.e. employee workstations and the POS systems)
  • Auto-VOIP (temporarily prioritizes VOIP phone call traffic to give you jitter-free phone calls over the net)
  • Rate Limiting (control how fast certain devices send and receive data, great for making sure your internet access is smooth and predictable)
  • SNMP (great for monitoring the health of network devices and troubleshooting)

These switches have worked flawlessly straight out of the box. Most of our installations of the Cisco SG200-50 switch have been pretty straight forward- as in no complex security needs or adverse conditions to install them under. They get mounted to the server rack, plugged in to the network and they’re back up and working. The installation, optimization and detailed configuration are done remotely after hours so the customers are not interrupted from their small business operations.

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Cisco SG200-50 Switch

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